Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students at Triton High School

It’s no secret that high school can be a challenging time for many kids. There are a myriad of questions, concerns and problems; struggles both internal and external, that many kids deal with.  Talking to an adult often doesn’t feel like an option. But having the ability to talk to a peer, someone who likely can empathize with the issues facing today’s teens, makes all the difference in the world.  It is for this reason that several years ago, Triton established the Peer Mediation and Citizenship Outreach Program, led by high school world language teacher, Eben Williams.

The program is made up of students who apply to become a mediator and must get at least four recommendations from faculty/staff.  Those chosen must exemplify certain leadership qualities such as maturity, trustworthiness, confidentiality, and compassion.  Once accepted, students remain members until they graduate.  There are currently 31 members in the program, including 5 new members that were accepted this year. Peer mediators help their school peers resolve social, personal and interpersonal problems in a confidential manner and with a caring and open mind. In so doing, they make the school a safer, more comfortable place for all students.  Their support has been especially important this past year as many students faced hardships and obstacles brought on by the pandemic.  Knowing that there is someone available to be a needed friend, listening ear, and caring support has been instrumental in helping many students get through these difficult times.

Assistant Principal, Kathryn Dawe, has long been a supporter of the Peer Mediation Initiative, calling it “one of the most important programs in our school.”  She goes on to say, “Part of growing up is learning how to face, manage and deal with conflict. During times of conflict, anxieties are understandably heightened and it’s sometimes difficult to see our way out of situations. As adults, we know this and have developed strategies to address such issues. Adolescents need to learn these skills and have an opportunity to practice them. I have found that peers listening to each other and working through solutions and resolutions has often times proven to be more successful than having adults help students manage a situation.” Ms. Dawe also points out that the peer mediators themselves are given leadership tools that will serve them throughout their lives.

We are pleased to recognize the 31 members of the Peer Mediation and Citizenship Outreach Program and thank them for their commitment to the program and their peers.

Senior Graduating Officers Newly Elected Junior Officers 2021 Members since 2017 New Members since 2021
Kyle Odoy (Lead Officer) Eliot Lent (Lead Officer) Avery Caron Sam Bagley
Katherine Taylor Evelyn Buxton Cole Daniels Madeline Doring
Danny Groder Alyssa Mullen Ellie Gay-Killeen Nansi Patel
Robbie Richenburg Lucian Densmore Sean Gundrum Sofia Savino
  Will Smith Maya Hayes Noah St. Fleur
    Maeve Heffernan  
    Brady Lindholm  
    Ryan Lindholm  
    Andrew Masher  
    Morgan Mead  
    Madison Nguyen  
    Olivia Rowe  
    Arthur Stanley  
    Jane St. Fleur  
    Savannah Soule  
    James Tatro  
    Riley Watkins