Triton Senior Wins Essay Award

Triton High School Senior, Alexander Sharpe, submitted an essay to the AATF Société Honoraire de Français annual Creative Writing Award contest which has been chosen for publication in the spring edition of the Society’s official bulletin, L’Élan. Alexander is the 2020-2021 Triton High School World Language Honor Society President.  

This year’s topic was: Si tu pouvais être le personnage d’un film francophone de ton choix, lequel serais-tu et pourquoi? ( If you could be a character in the film of your choice, who would you be, and why?) Alexander chose to be Clément Matthieu, an inspirational and transformational music teacher in the film “Les Choristes.” AATF Teacher Representatives Tracy Rucker and Kimberly Bryant Harter were impressed by the admirable character that Alexander chose to be. Roseann Lorefice, editor of the AATF SHF publication L’Élan is preparing to publish all winning entries in the Spring, 2021 edition.

The quality of the 55 essays submitted by 26 teachers from 17 different states was outstanding, and it is indeed an honor for Alexander to have been one of the seventeen students whose entries were selected for publication. 

AATF Executive Secretary Jayne Abrate and AATF SHF Secretary April Anthony have been notified of the winners. The prize for each winning essay is $100; a check will arrive from AATF headquarters in the next four to six weeks in Alexander’s name. 

It is noteworthy as well to recognize the efforts of Crista Smith and Sara Winnick. While their essays will not appear in the Élan, they should be commended for their participation in a national literary contest in French, and they will receive certificates of participation. 

Congratulations to Alexander and Compliments to Crista and Sara.

Alexander Sharpe