Brody Hawkes – Student of the Month

Prior to our departure from school, Brody Hawkes, a vivacious and gregarious first grade student at Newbury Elementary School, was named by the School Committee as Student of the Month. While Brody has many strengths, enthusiasm for life might be his greatest.  Learning is sometimes tough for Brody, however, this six-year-old is rarely deterred.  “He is a gregarious young man who is thoughtful in his interactions and relationships with others,” said Special Education Teacher, Amanda Struss. She continues, “Brody is incredibly engaged with peers and reflective when conflict arises. The gains that he has made this year alone are phenomenal and the joy that he brings to those around him is unparalleled.” We are happy to bestow this honor on such a well-deserving student. Congratulations, Brody!

Brody Hawkes Student of the Month