Student of the Month

Student of the Month – Mia Dupuis

Earlier this week, the Triton School Committee was pleased to announce this month’s Student of the Month, Pine Grove 5th grader, Mia Dupuis.

The adjectives her teacher, Elyse Earls, used to characterize Mia are many and read like the description of a model student: well-rounded; dedicated; determined; honest; hard-working; committed to learning. She is described as “a model peer and friend” who “helps her peers work through difficulties, and praises them on their successes.” She is known for her voracious thirst for knowing, doing and being more, always reaching to be better even if she has already exceeded expectations. The Triton community is proud to celebrate Mia this month and we look forward to watching her future, which will undoubtedly be bright, unfold. Congratulations, Mia!

Student of the Month - Mia Dupuis