We can be heroes just for one day

Every Day Hero Celebrated

Many times in life, it’s the small things that make the biggest difference. It’s important to recognize those people who step up, often without being asked, to make life a little bit brighter for those around them. They are our Every Day Heroes, and they are worth celebrating. Today we say a special thanks to Mayson Rodrigues for his contribution to our community.
A new student registered at the high school recently whose primary language is Portuguese. We ran into a bit of a challenge to effectively translate for this student on short notice. In the meantime, someone mentioned that one of our students, Mayson, speaks Portuguese. Mayson quickly agreed to volunteer his time to help communicate with the new student and her family to help get her registered, and has offered to continue to help as this new student transitions to Triton. Thank you, Mayson, for being an Every Day Hero to those around you!