FY20 Final Operating Budget

The School Committee approved a Final FY20 Operating Budget at their meeting on Wednesday evening March 13th. The $42.4M spending plan represents a 4.14% spending increase over the current year, and reflects the spending necessary to carry the same level of services from the current year into next. I am very pleased to report that no cuts to staffing or programs are assumed in this budget, and there is a small restoration from prior cuts by adding back late buses two days per week at the Middle and High School campus only.

The full budget can be found on our website at https://www.tritonschools.org/district/triton-district-budget/fy-2020-budget/. As we continue our drive to engage our entire community in the fight for adequate education funding from the State, I would encourage you to take a look at the budget document, particularly the “story” contained in the first 13 or so pages. We need a unified voice with our state legislators, and more information with template letters and scripts will be coming as we progress through the spring and the state budget process. Your voice matters!

The assessments resulting from this budget vary by town, with a particularly challenging increase for Salisbury based on student enrollment. If you have specific questions about these figures and their impact, I would be more than happy to speak with you in person or by phone to clarify. We will also be planning additional budget “drop in” meetings in the evening later in March and early April. The times scheduled during the day last week were helpful and clarifying for those who joined us, and a similar evening opportunity was suggested. I look forward to more discussions to ensure everyone is clear on our overall budget, and the many contributing factors to the annual increases.