Breakfast is Brain Food Image

School Breakfast Program

Breakfast provides students with the nourishment their bodies and minds need to start their day focused and ready to learn.  When students start the day with a healthy meal, they are more likely to retain what they learn in class, behave better, and experience better health outcomes. All Triton Schools offer breakfast daily in a variety of ways and locations to ensure students receive a nutritious meal at the start of their school day.  Paid breakfast is only $1.75, Reduced-price is $0.30 and no charge for free eligibility. *All SES students receive breakfast free of charge regardless of lunch eligibility.

Breakfast – it does the brain and body good!

SES Breakfast Staff Photo SES Breakfast Staff Photo PGS Breakfast Staff Photo PGS Breakfast Staff Photo NESBreakfast Staff Photo HS Breakfast Staff PhotoHS Breakfasths second breakfast