Support Needed for Bill on Vaping

Many see vaping as a safe alternative to smoking.  After all, you’re not inhaling tobacco smoke, right? But the aerosol, which is often mistaken for water vapor, actually contains fine particles of varying amounts of toxic chemicals which, like cigarettes, have been linked to cancer, as well as respiratory and heart disease.

Much like cigarettes before them, big tobacco companies are marketing e-cigarettes and vaping products to our kids.  Not only are they usually sweet tasting, but they are cheap and easy to get.

Now, thanks to the House of Representatives, Bill H.4486 is with the Senate, to be voted on soon.  This bill essentially amends the current law, which contains restrictions and regulations for tobacco products, to include vaping pens, e-cigarettes and all related paraphernalia.  For the safety of our children, it is critical that this bill passes.

We urge parents and community members to contact their legislators to encourage their support of the bill.  In the Triton District, those legislators are:

Representative Bradford Hill: [email protected]; 617.722.2100
Representative James Kelcourse: [email protected]; 617.722.2130
Representative Leonard Mirra: [email protected]; 617.722.2488
Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives: [email protected]; 617.722.1604
Senator Bruce Tarr: [email protected]; 617.722.1600