The Meaning of Sportsmanship

Sometimes, winning has nothing to do with the score of the game.

On Monday, the 8th grade basketball team played Swampscott Middle School.  Although big in heart, they were small in number and ultimately lost the game.  However, during the game, with no coaching or prompting, they did a very special thing.  The opposing team put in a player that had special needs, who had never scored a point in competition.  These boys immediately “got it” and made sure that this boy was able to play some “competitive” basketball.  Not only did he score one basket, but he scored 6 points in all!

These players demonstrated great sportsmanship and gave another person a gift he will enjoy long past middle school.  They have been recognized not only by their own classmates and community, but by the Swampscott parents, faculty and students as well.

Kudos go out to Jaden Penrose, Kyle Odoy, Jack O’Shea, Alden Lentz, Jonathan Santoro, and Travis Overbaugh.  Go Vikes!