Superintendent’s Welcome

Welcome to the Triton School District

The Triton district provides a comprehensive range of quality educational opportunities Pre-K through Grade 12 for students resident in the towns of Newbury, Rowley and Salisbury. Each town has its own elementary school. The middle and high schools share a spacious modern campus with the district office in Byfield. Our schools welcome students from outside the district who choose to attend Triton schools.

The district is governed by a nine-member School Committee, with each community contributing three members.

Our vision is focused on being a community of learners known for our unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of all students through the adoption of best practices and our active partnership with families and the wider community.

Our mission is to unite in supporting the development of engaged, successful, responsible, resilient learners; well-prepared to be ethical, empathetic, and contributing citizens.

The key common values that inform our practice are:

  • Respect for self and others;
  • Integrity in words and actions; and
  • Excellence for all.

My work is guided by a belief that all children can learn if we find appropriate ways of engaging and challenging them. Schools are most effective when we design and implement programs and activities which are age-appropriate and address not only the academic needs of each student, but also and perhaps more importantly, the physical, social and emotional development of each child. I believe that parents are primary educators of their children and should be respected and involved in all aspects of educational development. As they mature, students should take increasing responsibility for their own learning, but this cannot come with a disconnect from families and other supports.

I believe that effective organizations keep the scope and quality of their work under constant review with the aim of improving them. To that end, our primary task in supporting effective instruction is to ensure we are providing and supporting quality teaching and learning in all classroom settings. Spending on public education services is an essential investment in the future of our community, but it is generally very challenging to balance competing costs. In our constant review of our educational programming we continually strive for clarity of purpose, and ensuring that all available resources are used as wisely and effectively as possible.

If you have any questions about the district or programming we offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My door is always open.

Brian L. Forget

Superintendent of Schools

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