Triton High School is a community that values independence while engaging students in connected learning to foster an environment that demands respect for self and others.  We are committed to helping students become responsible for their own learning by providing them with opportunities to develop relevant 21st Century skills as they begin careers, pursue college, and contribute to their communities. We believe students should be able to read and write effectively, communicate ideas appropriately through a variety of platforms, and create and problem solve independently and collaboratively.

Recent News

Congratulations to  the Girls Track and Field team members senior captain Aphia Donoghue, juniors Kayla Collins, Bella Lesinski, and Kayla Prussman, who last night all earned medals at the Division 4 State Championship meet.

Congratulations to Boys Track and Field team members Diego Fernandez, Colin Brennan, Finlay McIssac and Tyler Stranc, who last night placed 3rd overall at the Division 4 State Championship meet and qualified for the All-State championship meet in the 4 by 800 relay – the boys also set a new school record in this event.

Triton Happenings
The Triton High School French students participated in a Buche de Noel contest on Monday, December 18, 2017. Read more about the contest here.

This year in Applied Mathematics 2017-2018, students will participate in a Project Based Learning experience,  PBL related to designing, building, and testing home built wind generators.  Math lessons are designed around wind energy, and cover topics including measuring techniques, unit conversions, rotational equilibrium, torque, wind pressure, force, volume, mass, density, and electricity.  Students use Google Sheets to mathematically model speed/torque data collected from lab activities, and then use integration to determine which blade design has more power.  Designs are modeled in 3D using AutoDesk Inventor or SolidWorks, and some complex parts are 3D printed. Tools used during lab activities include digital weight scales, vernier calipers, laser tachometers, volt/ohm meters, and soldering irons.  Students also use a variety of shop tools including band saws, drill presses, and CNC routers.  Students will rework ceiling fan motors into generators, and connect these to their blade assemblies with the goal of charging 12V batteries which will power DC devices such as cell phones, LED lights, etc.. Students will visit the UMASS Lowell Wind Energy Center in the spring where they may learn more about wind energy by speaking with students and their professors.  So far, students have been very responsive to this PBL experience, and have formed into three groups working on different designs.

2017-2018 students include:

Butts, Gabriel
Durkin, Jared
Eppa, Brandon
Hart, Logan
Hartman, Morgan
Karantonis, William
Landry, Sean
Shortell, Derek
Woodbury, Jonathan

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