Brian Forget

Superintendent of Schools

Purpose of Position:

    • To act as the district’s chief executive
    • To advise the School Committee on all matters pertaining to the district’s responsibilities
    • To prepare policy documents and issue regulations
    • To ensure that the district has a strategic plan
    • To recruit, appoint, develop and discipline district staff
    • To monitor and report on the performance of the district
    • To prepare and monitor the implementation of the operating budget and the capital program
    • To ensure that the district has an effective emergency plan in place
    • To ensure that the district is in compliance with relevant federal and state statutes and regulations
    • To develop and maintain a safe and positive climate across the district
    • To maintain positive working relationships with the communities served by the district and other agencies that serve the interests of children and families

Kimberly Croteau

Chief Academic Officer 

Purpose of Position:

          • To act on behalf of and represent the Superintendent of Schools as may be necessary from time to time.
          • To provide leadership and support for the identification and implementation of best practice in teaching and learning, and in the assessment, recording and reporting of student progress
          • To supervise the efforts of district-wide coordinators and specialists
          • To provide support for improvement planning and the monitoring of school and district performance
          • To provide leadership of processes for the evaluation of staff, and the improvement of schools and the district
          • To act as advisor to building principals on all academic matters.
          • To coordinate the development of professional development programs
          • To lead the winning and management of federal, state and other grants in support of district programs
          • To keep abreast of current research and new developments that may be of assistance to the district, the  improve student achievement, and the development of the whole child
          • To provide leadership, support, coordination and oversight of Title 1, Section 504, English Language Learner s(ELL), Early Childhood, and Special Programs

Michelle Cresta

School Business Administrator 

Purpose of Position:

          • To manage the development and implementation of the School Committee’s operating budget, and to recommend in-year adjustments as may be necessary.
          • To provide leadership and support for the district’s business office and its central services in providing efficient and high quality services to service clients and the School Committee.
          • To ensure that the district’s fiscal practices are in compliance with statute, regulations, and best business practices.
          • To act as advisor to principals on all financial, operational, and personnel matters.
          • To provide leadership, support, coordination and oversight of central services provided by the district office including:
                    • Personnel Services
                    • Technology
                    • Facilities and Grounds
                    • Transportation
                    • Food Services
          • To act as the district’s Human Resource Officer, including oversight of processes for the hiring and termination of personnel, and maintaining an overview of the personnel needs of the district.
          • To prepare and oversee the district’s capital program.

David Magee

Administrator of Special Education

Purpose of Position:

  • To establish procedures and exercise supervision over the identification, referral, assessment, and evaluation of students in need of special services.
  • To evaluate existing programs, recommend changes as required, and provide leadership in establishing new programs as needed.
  • To develop budget recommendations and maintain expenditure controls for all special education services.
  • To perform duties of special education administrator, as described in 603 CMR 28.00 state regulations.
  • To act as advisor to building principals, monitoring compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations, district expectations, and the quality of services.
  • To remain current with legislation and information impacting special education services and transportation.
  • Evaluate and review placement of students in out-of-district schools, hospital placements and home tutoring programs.