District Plans

The plans below are guiding documents for programmatic and budgetary decisions made within and throughout the district. Depending on plan type, some are developed annually, while others are set as multi-year efforts. Regardless, all plans are at least reviewed on an annual basis to be sure they are current and relevant to the current needs of all Triton students.

District Improvement Plans
District Curriculum Accommodation Plan (DCAP)242.6 KiB568
District Literacy Plan189.3 KiB455
District Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics (STEM) Plan84.9 KiB446
Triton Tech Plan 2016-2020401.9 KiB440
District Development Plan 2015-2018640.2 KiB391
Newbury Improvement Plans
NES School Improvement Plan 2015-20181.0 MiB48
Pine Grove Improvement Plans
PGS School Improvement Plan 2016-2019761.4 KiB41
Salisbury Improvement Plans
SES School Improvement Plan 2015-2018374.0 KiB46
Triton High School Improvement Plans
High School Improvement Plan 2015-20176.9 MiB37
Triton Middle School Improvement Plans
Middle School Improvement Plan 2015-2018341.7 KiB32