Triton Sends Students to DECA State Finals

Triton Regional High School brought 45 students to the DECA DISTRICT competition at Endicott College on January 8th.

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is a Entrepreneur and Leadership training program that holds competitions at Local, State, and National Levels throughout the country. Students create business and marketing plans, deliver professional presentations, and role-play interview and managerial situations with local business volunteers. DECA students receive recognition and are eligible for scholarship awards from colleges around the Country.

We are happy to announce the students who will be moving on to the STATE FINALS in BOSTON-March 8th – 10th!


Mitchell Hopkinson
Sarah Harrington


Franklin Cohen
Thomas Marshal
Sydney Johnson
Drew Bouley
Brad Killion
Jack Niska


Jack Taylor
Linda Freeman
Colin Dennis
Farrah Gabrian
Grace Poster


Jack Tumino
Joe Doucot
Juliet Sparks
Kate Taylor
Kolton Brown
Sophie Desimone
Rachel Lees


Transportation Update from Superintendent Forget

Good Afternoon,

I apologize for this lengthy email, but please review in its entirety. This information is being sent as a follow up to my message of August 31st. In that message I outlined a change we were making with regular daytime bus runs on a trial basis through this week as a last ditch effort to restore late busses for the current year. For the past three weeks we ran one fewer bus in both Rowley and Salisbury. If these routes had worked, the money saved would have restored late runs at all campuses.

Unfortunately, the changes did not work as smoothly as we hoped, and numbers of students riding have been too high on some runs. We have heard from many families who are not having their children ride because the buses are so packed. Further, arrival times in the morning have been impacted with the changes, causing disruptions to the start of the day. While student numbers are still within safety guidelines, the disruption is too great to continue long term. With that in mind, I have made the decision that we need to add back the daytime runs for both for Rowley and Salisbury, which means late buses will not be running this year.

As outlined in my previous email, we determined that we would make the call by this week, and institute changes as of this coming Monday. Unfortunately, our transportation company (NRT) is still in the process of hiring and training drivers as substitutes and for these runs. This has proven very difficult as there is a shortage of drivers that is well documented across the state and region. We are dependent on the state for their approvals of licenses and testing of drivers, and there is a considerable back log of drivers awaiting approval at the state level. As a result, we will not be able to restore the additional Rowley and Salisbury run until Tuesday, October 10th, the day after the Columbus Day holiday.

Bus routes will be re-posted to the website and a notice sent out to families no later than Friday, October 6th. Again, actual bus stops will not change, but the bus (#) picking up your child(ren) and corresponding pickup/drop off times may change accordingly. Again, these changes will not take place until Tuesday, October 10th.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion this has caused. Given the impact of losing late buses, I still believe it was worth giving these alternate bus routes a try. However, now confirming that the changes have created complications that we can’t remedy, we will not be able to sustain the modified routes, and therefore are not able to add late buses back.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Thank you,

National PTA Names Salisbury Elementary “School of Excellence”

Salisbury, MA (August 18, 2017)–Every child deserves an excellent education and school community. Salisbury Elementary School Community is celebrating the school’s recent selection as a National PTA School of Excellence, for achievement in building effective family-school partnerships. Salisbury Elementary is one of only two Massachusetts schools to earn this national designation (along with Rehoboth), and one in 143 schools recognized across the United States. National PTA’s School of Excellence program supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools that work to improve the educational experience and school environment for every child. This program provides guidance to assist school in engaging families in the school decision-making, and helps school build inclusive policies related to education, health, safety or the arts. National PTA’s certification recognizes schools that uphold the highest standards in parent involvement and provides resources and guidance needed to improve parent involvement in schools.

Salisbury Elementary School PTA (SES PTA) recognizes that it’s not so much that it takes a village to raise a child, rather than the tremendous strength, growth, and benefits that come from engaging the “village.” SES PTA, the oldest continuously operating PTA (1910), has continuously worked with Salisbury Elementary School (SES) to strengthen ties amongst family and the community. As part of the certification process, SES PTA shared information amongst a team consisting of the principal, teachers, parents, and representatives from the community, completed assessments, and applied for certification of excellence.

SES PTA prides itself in being a powerful voice for children, a relevant resource for parents, and a strong advocate for public education. Membership to SES PTA is open to anyone who is concerned with the education, health and welfare of children and youth. For more information visit our website:  Salisbury

Cyberbullying & Social Media Parent Speaker Series – Nov. 29th

Please save the date, November 29, 20166:30PM at the Salisbury Elementary School.

Salisbury Elementary School PTA Presents:

Dr. Elizabeth Englander speaking on Cyberbullying & Social Media – What Every Parent Needs to Know

This event is free and open to the public.

Please see the flyer for complete information.

Download (PDF, 543KB)

Triton Stadium Updates!

So much has happened since our last update in June. Check out the pictures and video of the progress on the new field, track, and bleachers. Also, watch in real-time as the progress continues each day!

2016-17 School Calendar

The finalized School Calendar for 2016-17 is below.

Download (PDF, 146KB)

SPOT Grant Awarded For Biotech and Forensics

TRHS Science Department is excited to have recently received $3,400 in equipment awarded by Mass BioEd, supported by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and Fisher Scientific.  Four new thermocyclers will be used to implement lab investigations in both the Biotech and Forensics electives that require students to be able to copy sections of actual DNA in a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR).  Science Teacher, Ivan Ferron applied for the grant, and couldn’t be more excited for Triton’s science students!

Most estimates suggest that over 99% of human DNA is identical.  Our new equipment will help students investigate questions such as, “How and where does human DNA vary? How do scientists work with human DNA? How are genetic mutations identified?”  In Forensics, students will be able to make copies of a section of ”junk” DNA that is used in criminal investigations for DNA “fingerprinting”.  The Biotech classes will examine a mutation found in a gene associated with the ability to detect bitterness.  Even more compelling: students will use their own DNA in both investigations.

These hands-on investigations are doubly rewarding as they reinforce lab techniques such as proper use of a micropipettes and electrophoresis equipment and concepts such as genetic variability, gene expression and DNA replication.  Along with PCR, these techniques and concepts are foundational in genetic studies as well as many studies in the biotech industry.

Save the date for Triton Summer Enrichment University – July 11th – 28th

Triton Summer Enrichment University is offering an array of enrichment opportunities for students in grades 5-9 this summer.  These include Broadway Bound, Robotic Science, Media Production and Environmental Engineering. Take a look at the descriptions in the attached document and use the form to enroll. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis and class sizes are limited.

Download (PDF, 184KB)



Update from Wednesday’s School Committee Budget Meeting

At its meeting on Wednesday evening the School Committee approved the proposed Tentative Budget as presented. Those parts of the budget document that provide context for the budget proposals and the details can be found here.

Expenditure increases of $1,478,257 to maintain services and meet contractual and mandatory obligations, coupled with a reduction in anticipated revenues are offset by $631,579 in cuts, all but $20,000 of which are personnel reductions.

At this stage implied changes to town assessments are as follows:

Average                                     +3.18%

Newbury         -$193,313         -2.16%
Rowley            +$569,651       +6.54%
Salisbury         +$507,359      +5.02%

The above variations are due to the way that the state’s regional school district funding formula works, changes in enrollment, and one element of the Governor’s budget proposals.

Rowley’s Board of Selectmen has advised that the town can afford an additional $222,365 next year. A further $1m in cuts would be needed to achieve that.

At this stage we have no information on Salisbury’s situation.

The School Committee will hold a public hearing on the budget at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 in the high school library